3D Interaction

3D Interaction represents the classical human computer interaction but adding a new concept, this concept is space. This means that users are able to perform their tasks directly in a 3D spatial context.  The idea of using this kind of interaction is to allow the users to obtain real-time visual feedback and to allow the use of natural skills in a realistic way.

The scenarios and the level of interaction can be different depending on the context and the purpose of the system. They can be immersive (completely inside the 3D world) or semi-immersive (interaction between the 3D world and the real world) and the user abilities inside of those environments can be natural (real movements) or “magical” (flying or transporting) to allow the users to perform their tasks and achieve the purposes of the system.

A key point in on the design of 3D environments is the devices used for create or allow the interaction between the computer and the users. There are different devices and different degrees of interaction so the challenge for the designers is to obtain a good combination of those factors in order to encourage the potential users to interact with the software and the environment. Another factor that should be considered is the tiredness or fatigue; after a long period of time doing real movements of the body to interact with the system, the users will be tired.

3D Interaction 1

The interaction and the techniques used may vary according to the system purpose but something should be considered: they have to be creative but simple at the same time. This means that even if the system becomes complicated to implement and has very advanced technologies to understand the movements of the users, the learning process should be simple and the users should understand easily how to interact with the system efficiently.

The interaction with the 3D technologies is very interesting, challenging and can be very useful for many different fields, the users can feel more included inside the system and the management of the different information could be done in a natural way with movements and felling that the digital information or documents are really part of our daily life.

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Design is a creative process on which aspects like functionality, easiness, concept and usability must be considered to generate a practical solution that fulfill the customer needs and also add an extra value.

Sometimes the design of a product is wrong and difficult to use, the result of a bad design is that people must change their “natural” or “normal” behavior to adapt and use a bad designed product. Maybe would say “It’s obvious” but the things that are obvious to some people are completely wrong for other people so a good design is not only pretty and beautiful, the objective of the products must be that people feel comfortable to use them and those products must be useful instead of causing more troubles.

Which is the correct button ???

Souce: http://shreevatsa.wordpress.com/2010/06/29/examples-of-bad-design-2/

There is one time when all companies must update, change or reestablish their designing process in order to generate products with an extra value that will be appreciated by the users. As Matias Duarte, Director of user experience in Android mentions in a video of Google fixed its design process and started making beautiful apps  “Design is not just about making things more useful, is not just about making things more beautiful… is about figuring out really figuring out what is the real thing to make and how to make it right.”

Good design, easy to understand.

Souce: http://www.flickr.com/photos/feureau/3683133183/

I think that the process to improve and adapt a design to a different environment depends a lot on the goal that the designing team has in mind. For example, in the video about Google, the changes were done by many people in different teams working together and pursuing the same goal. The feedback is very important if we want to improve our design.

Now the question is how to avoid making the same mistakes in our designs? The answer is not easy or already established but some the most important thing when designing a new product is to make it functional and be sure that your product generates a great user experience!!