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Wide vision about usability

There are several aspects and concepts in which most of the people doesn’t think about when they are designing and developing a product, in our particular case: developing software.

The main objective should be create a great product that fulfills all the stakeholder’s requirements and has the best quality possible; the problem is that this approach sometimes DOES NOT take into account the satisfaction of the user or the accessibility degree of our product.

The factors mentioned in the last paragraph (satisfaction, accessibility) and some others factors can transform a simple product into a COOL product. The definition of a cool product is very wide and difficult to explain but the result of having a cool product is that the users identify with it.

To design something “cool” but at the same time useful and accessible is not always necessary an extraordinary idea or to create something of another world; sometimes simple things can make the design correct, easy to understand and also “cool”.

Simplicity is a factor that at first glance has nothing to do with cool products or successful products but in reality the simplicity or just having the meaningful things on your product is the best approach for a “cool” and successful product. Why? Because it is easy to understand and to easy use and therefore the public will prefer it over some other products of the same kind but more complex to understand.


Another factor that must be considered is the context of use. If one product can be used in several and different contexts is accessible for more people and can reach a bigger market. To make it accessible for many people and in different context of use, the designers and developers of the product have to think in different scenarios and consider several possibilities in order to create a product that can complete its functionality but at the same time can be used by many different people.

There is no 100% successful solution to create a product that is always “cool” but the correct combination between great visual design, good usability and accessibility can upgrade your product to the “cool” level and also have a bigger market and happy customers.

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