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Paper Prototyping 2

In this post, I want to include some examples of the real usage of paper prototyping. The following videos show that a paper prototype can be very useful and it can help to show the users or stakeholders how the application or the product will be and to test if the interaction between the product and the users is fluid and easy to learn and understand.

Paper prototype of an app for University Students

This video shows clearly how the app will be and some of its functionalities. The designers can perform a test with real users to see how they respond and interact with the application.

Paper prototype for

In this video, there are some specific scenarios for the product and the user has to perform an specific task.

Paper prototyping is a powerfull tool to present to the stakeholders and users how an application or a product will look like and how will be the interaction between the product and the users using low cost prototypes that can be refined as needed before actually coding or manufacturing the final product. The application of this technique can reduce costs and produce very useful information and feed back from the users.



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